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When a Plan Comes Together

06 Mar 15
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2015 Tom Portrait2015 Terri Portrait

I’m having a great time working with two of my favorite clients, Tom and Terri Newland. Tom and Terri own Newland Project Resources, Inc., a Roaring Fork Valley land use planning and management business that has worked on projects both large and small for 25 years.

Tom and Terri were well overdue for a new website, one that had a clean, up to date design and showcased both their excellent work and their engaging personality. It’s still in test mode but I’m looking forward to sharing it with everyone very soon.

The best part about being in business is the opportunity to connect with people and create new relationships that will hopefully outlast the length of time you’re working together. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with them. I certainly feel like Tom and Terri are much more than just clients, they’re now friends.