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How can small businesses cope with the ever-changing array of new media platforms? How can independent professionals and businesses launch their brands on the right foot and right away? How can established businesses leverage new marketing strategies for success? We're dedicated to working together with you to answer these questions and more. We are Modern Day Media.


Creative, collaborative and conscientious, Modern Day Media brings over a decade of experience and insight to help you tailor solutions that fit your business and your budget.


Stuck with designs from the past? Living with a website that's languishing? We can re-design and update your content (both online and offline) for a fresh new look that boosts your visibility and integrates your business with the new media platforms that draw traffic and new customers.


The constant change that seems to define new media can cause companies to retreat and miss genuine opportunities to connect and engage. We specialize in account management, working with you to tailor your message and grow your audience with great content that's delivered the right way.


From marketing to web site development, we've got the experience and the resources to build your presence on air, in print and online. Let us get to work for you.

The New Media Landscape

The latest news, trends and techniques in new media.

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