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Remarketing Done Right

17 Oct 15
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My longtime real estate and vacation rental client Gareth Williams and I are working together on a new remarketing campaign using a wide variety of online advertising tools; some from Facebook, some from Google. It’s good to be able to keep pace with the Google changes to the industry that have helped online marketing campaigns gather better information about their audiences. Their algorithm updates have also reduced the effectiveness of black (or grey) hat fly-by-night SEO companies trying to make a quick buck using crappy SEO tactics. They no longer work.

I’m hoping to use the knowledge I’m gaining working with Gareth with other clients including:

  • How to build lists and target audiences using Facebook
  • How to deploy remarketing tags on WordPress sites
  • How to drive traffic to landing pages using Mailchimp email marketing
  • How to capture those visitors and build specific ad campaigns just for them

Gareth’s got a wide range of top-end vacation rental properties available this winter season in Aspen including inventory at the Ritz Carlton Aspen Highlands, the St. Regis Aspen, the Hyatt Grand Aspen and more. Visit him at for more information and stay tuned for the release of his new domain and new site!