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Where You Once Belonged

05 Apr 16
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I recently worked with a client on legacy issue that resulted in an infection that took two websites hosted on the same domain offline. It was a messy situation caused by an insecure plugin and it taught me an important lesson that can be summed up quite simply: Backups Matter!

Having regular backups of your WordPress site can make all the difference when things go wrong. The difference between hours and days of downtime when your site is unreachable and unusable. In working through all this, I’ve come across two cost effective options for clients that get the job done simply and effectively.

In general I’ve had good luck and solid customer support from GoDaddy. They offer competitive pricing on hosting and when it comes to backups they’ll handle the whole process if you add a tool called Site Backup to your hosting plan for only $2 per month. With Site Backup, GoDaddy backs up your site automatically every day and will help you to restore it in the event something goes wrong.


The other option is a WordPress plugin called UpdraftPlus. Updraft Plus is a free plugin that allows you to easily backup both the WordPress Files and database either to a local FTP folder or on one of several cloud based storage sites including Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and others. Make sure you have checked the size of the files that comprise your site to ensure you have enough online storage space before starting your backups.

Time and time again we hear about the importance of backups when using both local and remote files, sites and applications. The worst time to discover this lesson is when it’s too late. Happy backups are the best remedy. Do you know if your site is backed up? Are you certain you can restore a prior copy easily? Now might be the time to know for sure.