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Why Size Matters

06 Jul 16
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There has been a recent wave of consolidation in the real estate industry in the Roaring Fork Valley. Some big names (Douglas Elliman, Berkshire Hathaway) have moved into the market and have either gobbled up existing agencies outright or are busy recruiting talent to join them.

How does a smaller agency compete against such firms? This is precisely the question posed by my most recent client, Frank McSwain, at Roaring Fork Realty. My answer to him is that sometimes size can be a disadvantage if it gets in the way of building the one to one relationships that lead to success. Who would you rather work with, assistants or the brokers themselves?

Frank and his business partner Jack Gausnell have well over 30 years of executive-level business experience between them in a variety of different fields. When it comes to business and understanding what works they’re much more advanced and savvy than many of their colleagues in the local real estate market. That perspective and understanding is just one of the elements I want to focus on as I work with them to promote their business.

A whole lot of people out here know Frank and his good work. He was instrumental in leading a successful $15,000,000 capital campaign for Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs which resulted in the brand-new, state-of-the-art Callaway-Young Cancer Center.

They say that people are known for their actions, not their words, and Frank’s good work precedes him wherever he goes. He is one of the warmest people you’ll ever meet and I’m thrilled to be working with him. When he starts to work for clients he goes all out.  He’ll spend the time to really get to know them first, then move heaven and earth to find them a place to live and a community to connect to.

Does size matter in real estate? Only when it comes to the size of your heart shown in the quality of the work you do.